On Calmness (#12)

Prompt: substitute one word for another

His calmness seeps over him,
$3.19 after co-pay at the chemist,
Two calmnesses, one after the other in
Soothing waves.
Watches him out of the corner of her eye
Calmness steeped, working its way through
Translucent veins in the sun.
They say that it was used to soothe elephants in distress.
In this moment, he is no longer a lumbering beast.
In this moment,
Holds his breath.
Calmness tastes bitter, but the aftertaste fades.
Mind becomes body, body becomes
An empty mailbox.
He watches her sidle into her thigh-highs.
He tips back in his chair and balances on the spokes,
Knowing that he will not fall.


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