On 2012-2012 (#16)

Prompt: ten lies, one truth

No, the 4 was late coming back from the North and I tripped on my way off and my bags spilled.
That’s why there’s lipstick all over my face.
Your makeup looks perfect.
Your hair is divine.
Yeah, I’m not coming back tonight. There’s a party, for someone, somewhere close by that I’m headed there,
But not far enough that we can stay in the same bed.
C’mon, baby, you knew I don’t want to do this.
I’m busy tonight.
I’m busy tomorrow.
There’s coffee in the mugs, do you want sugar?
Just stay for five minutes- just for a drink.
I’ll tell you a tale about whores in the garret and money in the bank,
And I’ll take you to Bangkok, would you like that?
I’ll take you where it’s cramped,
And I won’t leave you there.


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