On animalism (#28)

Use excerpts from a news article: (a particular favorite, the selections are bolded)

Curiosity kicked the dog,
Sent him shivering out into the cold night.
The dog hunted with his nose to the ground but found himself
Stopped up with ether and the scent of jasmine.
explore the whole mass of this body,
Satisfaction won’t bring him back,
It will drag him down, it will perpetuate,
It will hang him from a tree and taunt his panting tongue.
Shackled to an inferior love, collared to a bipedal world.
Curiosity is his God, his mantra on a cold night,
His warm feathered elbows tethered to a telephone pole,
unable to speak, but to pray.
Care can do more things than kill the canine,
It can woo him to extinction at an early end.
The living embodiment of an inquisitive mind
Twitches in the night, chasing rabbits and jasmine just out of reach.
Teeth bared at the sound of looming thunder and flickering gaslights.


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