(#12) On you.

Prompt: describe in great detail your favorite room, place, meal, day, or person

eat you eat you eat you eat you
rapacious guzzling delicious incisors
top to bottom ass to mouth
eat you from the middle out
teeth to soft inner belly
lips to lips to mouth inward
inner depths
kitchen to floor to bed to walls to dents,
dent ’em, fuck it, it’s not going anywhere.
neither are you.
neither am i.
this is the nastiest thing i have done
until the next worst thing.
until the next feed until the next bite until the next filling
until i think i can no longer withstand it,
those fucking eyes can see everything
those fucking teeth can bite my lip off
render me speechless without making a move
they are slick and i am a trick, we make music with our moods.


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