(#30) On endlessness.

Prompt: write a poem, flip it on its head. Thank you for reading.

consider and execute
consider the ones we love
consider our next move
before we gaze into the dizzying skies and
we have a 24h holding period
on imaginary mergers
on shaky firmaments
we have the right structure
nomadic wandering,
we were never meant to cease
but we are a transitory breed,
in one direction
before chaos erupted and you ran
you were standing in a pastoral field
do not forget the time
and the voices that tell us not to go.
listen to the man who tastes sounds
we will justify,
we will bargain for the safety of the weinsteins,
we want to believe the fox has made a sandwich,
root to achieve
like infants we harbor a deep-seated
than the meaning we put to them
the dreams we hold feel less powerful
hauled at the end of an era
in a dusty file cabinet dented and
stored on a database
that we are all two-dimensional information
that the universe is a hologram,
open the door,
do not be afraid
do not be a stranger
open the door.


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