27: and then, it happened

27: and then, it happened

alert, alert, i am being feted with affection; i won’t give examples that’s crass but did i tell you how–
tears for fears was on
a bob dylan cover was on
we were listening to
i was fiddling with my headphones when
living room
cyberspace, or somewhere like it, or somewhere closer to it than we thought ever, ever thought because that’s how it all started, didn’t it?
the internet?
help me, help me, please, i’m being loved like crazy, help me help myself
my ears prick up at the source of playlists and just when, just when i thought that Some Songs
had to be left behind the world threw me an LP and said,
there’s always more,
there’s always more out there to listen to and glisten to in the dew of the evening spring night, it’s spring now just like you wanted and here’s
what’s on.

they say if you’re a wanted man, shout about it,
shout as loud as you can at three in the morning
from behind a leather glove
from the back of your lungs where your throat thrums
in whimpers in gazes in not shouting at all in just looking upon from
behind a mask
your eyes don’t lie.
mayday, mayday, i’m late on my poems, but i’m meeting my deadlines for meeting your people for meeting the mark
you’ll get your belle and sebastian and you might
get more than houseplants and consummate wit; and career advice
from a similarly ambitiously addled arrogant advocate, from me,
to you, with love–
yep, i’m scared shitless.
yep, i’m scared of you, in the aggregate, in the particular, in the specific, in the way you kiss the
back of my neck
upper cheekbones and say,
you’re wonderful.


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